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Welcome to UNITEKNO.
“UNITEKNO has done our best to become the best automotive parts supplier with the best quality and the customer’s satisfaction based on each confidence.”

UNITEKNO Co.,Ltd was established in 1993 as the automotive parts supplier based on the injection mold technology and assembly. The management policy is “The Best Quality and The Customer Satisfaction”.
We have developed specialized technology for automotive electronic motor parts and gasoline power train parts. We have done our best to progress and control the global standard quality system from QS-9000 to ISO/TS16949 and ISO14001. We was awarded the Korea President Prize as the result of our effort in 2003. Also, we was certificated the HYUNDAI KIA SQ-MARK for the injection molding part since 2006 and we was leveled up the grade in 2009.
We will be the world best automotive parts supplier with the constant our best to develop the quality system and satisfy our customers.