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  회사소개 제품소개 제품기술 연구기술개발
Aug. 1993 The Head Office
Aug. 2004 The China Factory, UNIMECHATRONICS Co.,Ltd
Jun. 2005 The Technology Center

Advance in

Quality System

Dec. 2000 Certificated of “QS-9000/ISO-9002”
Dec. 2002 Certificated of “Single PPM”
Dec. 2003 Certificated of “QMS ISO/TS16949”
Jan. 2006 Certificated of “HMC SQ-MARK”
Jan. 2006 Certificated of “EMS ISO 14001”
July. 2009 Certificated and level-up of “HMC SQ-MARK”
Apr. 2003 Single PPM Group Part, Korea President Prize
May 2003 Busan Small Medium Enterprise Grand Prize
May 2005 The Silver Tower Industrial Order of Industrial Service Merit
March. 2002 Motor End Bell Brush Holder
July. 2004 The Bump-Stop Platform Structure of Shock Absorbar
Nov. 2006 Brushless Motor Core Assembly Process
Aug. 2003 Venture Company for Technology Part
Nov. 2003 Innovation Business Company
Jan. 2007 Busan Metropolitan City Leading Company for Mechanics and Automotive Industry