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  • (주)유니테크노 본사

    54, 13beongil, Sinsanro, (Shinpyungdong), Sahagu, Busan Metropolitan City, Korea Tel. +82-51-203-5460 Fax. +82-51-208-7378

  • 아산지점

    ASAN Branch
    45-16, Dogomyungro, Dogomyun (Sineonri), Asansi, Choongchungnamdo, Korea TEL. +82-41-538-1800 FAX. +82-41-549-5460

  • 유니기전(위해) 유한공사

    UNIMECHATRONICS (Wihae) Limited Company
    2ga, Guktaero, Export Manufacturing District, Wihae City, Sandong Province, China

  • 유니기전(강소) 유한공사

    UNIMECHATRONICS (Gangso) Limited Company
    No.1, Sineumro, Bobongji, Economic Technology Development District, Yeomsung City, Jiangsu Province, China

Product Detail Sales Status

Sales of parts for motors to expand and to increase by 67% from parts in 2017

  • Engine Powertrain
  • Window Motor
  • Mission Motor
  • EPS Motor
  • ABS Motor
  • Wiper Motor
  • Others
  • Merchandises

Trends of automobile industry toward electric apparatus and weight lightening

Obtain technological capacity and products which match the trends of the automobile industry towards weight lightening, electric apparatus and modularization

  • Traditional Steel
  • High Intensity Steel
  • Plastic
  • Aluminum
  • Magnesium
  • Others

※Source: NHTS(National Household Travel Survey), Report of Kiwoom Securities Co., Ld

  • Weight Lightening

    Production of motor type products of high output by connecting to electric electronics

  • Electric Apparatus

    Miniaturized and weight lightened plastic injection technological capacity parts are necessary

  • Modularization

    Precise assembly of plastic small parts

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