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Status of key supplying products and customers

Customers for motor parts
Customers for powertrain parts
Final End-users

Sales trends of each customer/product

Sales are not concentrated in customer and occur securely to various customers

Trend of sales weight of each customer


  • S&T Motiv

  • Kamtec

  • LGInnoteck



  • Others

Unit : %

Sales trends of each product

  • powertrain parts

  • motor parts

  • Others

  • Merchandises

Unit : 100 million Won

Confirmed supplying of products relating to hydrogen motors

Expected to launch in the first quarter of 2018 and confirmed to supply to the FE (electric hydrogen motor) model recently revealed by Hyundai Motors

Sales trends of each customer

Unit : thousand cars

Active entry into the electric motor market

Currently supplying battery cell cases for gasolines -> Enter the market by developing and supplying new products for electric cars

Forecast of sales quantity of electric cars globally

  • Currently supplying battery cell cases for gasolines
    Developing approximately 10 products related to battery for cars
    Under development of the battery cell case prototype for electric car
    Expected the sales to be increased regularly after 2018
  • ※Source: HIS, 2015

Unit : thousand cars

  • Gasoline

  • Electric car